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Wednesday, 23 August 2017
A Late Night Marlin Muse
This was on the old website from back when I was working the door and bouncing your asses out if you needed it--
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First, I want to thank those bands that know how to take care of the cat that's making them their money for the night, not to mention keeping a semblance of order to the room. You are true professionals, well at least for the most part. This whole thing having a beauty to it, a nice circle if you will, people coming in, paying a little to listen and dance, partying safe and sound and very well entertained. And in turn all of us getting a little for putting our entire hearts into putting on some of the best parties anywhere in the world. Thank you truly, it helps me persevere with the arts that I have chosen.


Yes many of you are truly gifted, some so awesome I almost kiss your feet, but is it really that hard to understand? Look, you tip a bartender a buck a drink (or you should be), and if you're out to dinner, it's 10 to 20 percent. And that's what's considered proper for shit that costs you money--so fucking figure it out you dumb SOB's--

Since I'm on the subject--

What IS up about guys clearly coming in with a date, or whatever modern incarnation of the same old thing it is these days (the point is, you're coming in with a woman) and yet you hold back as she unexpectedly fumbles for money while yours is not forthcoming and you let her pay her own way through the door? Or even worse having her pay for your penniless weaselly hide? Maybe I'm old school, but class never goes out of style Hombre. Sure I realize this is Fairbanks, Alaska and a pretty bohemian joint at that, besides being a college bar and all, but it still must make you feel small. And if it doesn't, it should! But get something straight, paying a lady's way in doesn't and shouldn't make you think you're automatically going to get into her pants, or that she will even hang with you for the night if that is not in the cards. It's just the savvy thing to do boys. Start conducting yourself as men and maybe women will stop treating us like friggin' toys and give us a little respect. That's all***

To those that bitch about the cover charge, or even try to stiff the door. You're cheating the band, it is how they are paid people. And I don't take that "I'm going to the back and not even going to listen," bullshit rap. So what! If not for the music there wouldn't be the scene that you crave going on in the joint's back room--period!

Lynus O'Brien

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